“…to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership”.

From the AKC Mission Statement


Our Member, Bruce L. Clark, DVM, ACT is the Great Lakes CKCSC, Inc. Legislative Liaison. He follows local and state-level dog policy issues and provide an important communications link between the club and the AKC Government Relations Department.  Dr. Clark prepares the club for action should a legislative initiative arise that requires input from purebred dog owners and breeders. He shares the club’s experiences and expertise with government officials, members of the community, and other interested fanciers.

Message from Dr. Clark, “There are many concerns for dog owners about the laws being proposed by legislatures and city governments across the country.  Some of these legislative activities are designed to address a specific situation but actually have the potential for many unexpected and undesirable effects.  Other legislation is the result of very well-funded extremist organizations pursuing their goals of eliminating animal ownership or imposing their extreme views through legislation.”

AKC Legislation Alerts