2022 Club Event Schedule

Club meetings are intended for club members, but also open to anyone interested in more information about the club. 

We try to keep this list as accurate as possible. Please check back closer to the dates for all the information. Times and locations subject to change. 

APRIL, 2022
TBD @ the National 
Zoom for those not attending the National

MAY 2nd, 2022 
Zoom Meeting @ 1pm

MAY 14th, 2022
GLCKCSC Inc. Lunch and Learn Picnic
AKC B Match, Time: 10 am 
Lunch & Learn activities to follow
Show Committee Meeting after the Lunch and Learn
Location: Dutton Shadyside Park (Large Open Pavilion) 

MAY 26 – 30, 2022
Great Lakes CKCSC Specialty Shows @ Apple Blossom Cluster
Location: Kalamazoo Expo Center
Friday: Keep It Simple Specialty
Saturday: Regular Specialty with all the frills
Sunday: Health Clinic
             May 29th, 2022 – Wrap Up Meeting after the Health Clinic, volunteer dinner
             Time: After Health Clinic @ Cavalier Barn

AUGUST 2Oth, 2022 
Annual Meeting 
Hosted by Amy McBain
Time: 12:OOpm
Place: 2135 Laxton Rd. Mason, MI 48854
See EVENTS for more details

OCTOBER 8 – 9th, 2022
Fall Color Tour and Wine Tasting
Location: Home of Jen Lee, near Traverse City, MI 
Meeting Time: 11am on Saturday Oct 8th
After the meeting we will do a fall color tour, stop at local shops, a couple of local wineries and finish off with dinner at a local restaurant. 
Sunday morning breakfast will be served at the Lee home. 
Contact: Jen for more information on lodging information and options. 

DEC 3rd, 2022
Christmas Gathering 
Time: 2 pm
Location: Teresa Silva’s home


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