Cavaliers can be naturally suited for performance.  Their sweet and outgoing personality makes them versatile companions.  They are wonderful companions for a variety of homes as they are content with different levels of exercise.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels wants to do exactly what their owners are doing.  Whether that is traveling, hiking, tricks, agility, pet therapy, especially snuggling and cuddling. The breed can do it all.  They often are eager to learn, especially when positive training methods are used. Their sweet and gentle nature does not make them suited for aversion or harsh training methods, and caution should be taken with too much repetition.  Whether you are interested in competitive performance events or want to try something new.  Your Cavalier will happily wag their tail as you work together to learn new things. 

AGILITY: Agility is a fun and energizing team sport.  Dog and handler teams race against a clock as they navigate an obstacle course.  Courses are designed by a judge and include obstacles such as include A-frame, teeter, dog walk, tunnels, weaves and jumps. 

RALLY: is a sport based on obedience.  Instead of waiting to be directed by a judge, teams navigate through a course of 10-20 different signs.  Each sign directs the team as to what to do.  Signs are specific obedience skills to perform, like sit, down or stand, and the team proceeds through the course from one sign to the next in heel position 

OBEDIENCE: is AKC’s oldest sport.  Developed in the 1930’s, the objective is to have a highly trained dog at home and in public. The handler directs their dog through a series of specific behaviors that demonstrate control, accuracy and precision both on and off leash. 

COURSING- CAT/FAST CAT: if you have ever wondered how fast your dog is, Coursing Ability Test and FAST CAT tests are for you.  Dogs are timed as they chase a mechanized lure that simulates chasing prey.

NOSEWORK: is a sport created to mimic detection dog tasks.  Dog and handlers work together, as the dog uses their nose to find hidden target orders and alert that they found it to the handler.  Often needing to ignore various distractions.

TRACKING: is a sport that demonstrates your dogs ability to recognize and follow a scent.  It is the foundation for canine search and rescue.

BARNHUNT: is an all inclusive sport that involves dogs searching through a course of straw bales for rats hidden safely in tubes.  Dogs must climb, crawl over and through the straw course locating all of the rats, distinguishing between the live rats, empty tubes and tubes with dirty litter.  

TRICK DOG: is just that.  Do you like to teach your dogs fun tricks.  Dogs can earn titles by performing various tricks of different complexities.  The larger the number of tricks, the more advanced and complex the tricks they can constantly perform the more advanced the title that can be earned.  

DOCK DIVING: or dock jumping is a fun and exciting sport with simple rules.  Dogs compete by leaping a distance or height from a dock into a pool or body of water, chasing a toy their handler tosses.

THERAPY DOG: Therapy dogs have undergone training to be well behaved and calm in public.  They provide comfort and support to people.  Individuals or groups.  Therapy dogs can frequently be found working in schools, retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, disaster sites, workplaces, and hospice.

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