Code of Ethics



Part A: General

  1. The purpose of these ethical guidelines is to improve and protect the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and to promote good sportsmanship between club members and Cavalier owners.
  2. The club recognizes the purpose of breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is to attempt to bring their natural qualities to perfection in accordance with the AKC Breed Standard.

Part B: Recommended Guidelines for Breeding a Cavalier Bitch:

  1. Before breeding my bitch, I will study the AKC Breed Standard and breed only those specimens that meet the standard.
  2. I will not breed a bitch until her third season, or before she reaches eighteen (18) months of age.
  3. I will not breed any bitch once she has reached eight (8) years of age.
  4. I will not breed any bitch unless I am prepared to keep all puppies for which I cannot find suitable homes.
  5. I will make certain that my breeding bitch is screened for Mitral Valve Disease and inherited eye disorders.

Part C: Recommended Guidelines for Breeding Stud Dogs:

  1. Before placing my dog at stud, I will study the AKC Breed Standard and breed only those bitches that meet the standard.
  2. I will not offer stud services to any persons who do not take sincere ethical measures to protect/improve the breed, or to any persons who would place pet puppies without spay/neuter contracts.
  3. I will make certain that my stud dog is screened for Mitral Valve Disease and inherited eye disorders.

Part D: Recommended Guidelines for selling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies:

  1. I will discriminate in the placement of the Cavalier puppies or adults that I breed.
  2. I will not place puppies/adults in pet shops, with animal brokers or persons who sell/buy in litter lots.
  3. I will not donate puppies/adults for raffles or contests.
  4. I will not release puppies to new homes before 8 weeks of age and all will have immunizations/wormings appropriate for their age.
  5. I will provide instructions to new owners on the care and feeding of their puppy/dog. It is strongly advised that puppies be checked by a veterinarian prior to leaving for their new home and that the veterinary health certificate be provided to the new owner(s).
  6. In the event that a puppy/adult that I place cannot be kept by the buyers, the sales contract will state that the puppy/adult will be returned to me or that I will assist in finding a suitable home for the puppy/adult.
Part E: Integrity:
  1. I will represent my puppies/adults honestly.
  2. I will not use misleading, questionable or deceptive advertising.
  3. I will discourage anyone from breeding Cavaliers for profit.
  4. I will never broker puppies/adults for anyone regardless of club affiliation or credentials.
  5. I will assist fellow members in anyway that I can. I will, at all times, educate and offer appropriate club resources to fellow members and to the public.
  6. I will educate each owner or interested person in constructive as well as instructive manner.
  7. I as a member should never speak in a derogatory manner regarding another owner or breeder.
  8. I will conduct myself in a manner that is a credit to the Club and ownership of Cavaliers
  9. Overall, I will behave in a manner that will be conducive to the Great Lakes CKCSC, Inc.
Part F: Sportsmanship:
  1. As a member of this AKC Specialty club, I will demonstrate good sportsmanship both inside and outside the show ring by adhering to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.
Adopted 2007