Rally obedience is a wonderful way to get started in obedience competition. Its concept was started by taking the various exercises required for traditional obedience competition, and breaking them down into individual skills. Unlike traditional obedience competition, the team does not wait for the judges orders. The team navigates in heel position around a course of 10-20 designated stations, each station holds a sign that instructs the team in what exercise or skill to perform.

Some of the organizations that sanction Rally Obedience.
American Kennel Club-AKC
United Kennel Club-UKC
Association of Pet Dog Trainers-APDT
Canine Works and Games –C-Wags
Canines and Humans United-CHU

AKC Rally Obedience Titles
RN- Rally Novice
RA-Rally Advanced
RE-Rally Excellent
RAE-Rally Advance Excellent